GEED.AI by Livdeo

Artificial intelligence
for museum mediation

In-house solution, without constraints,
for image and object recognition

An AI platform for your museum

with image recognition services on visitors' smartphones

Augmented discoveries

Visitors discover the works of the exhibitions using the camera of their own smartphone.

By simply targeting a work on the visit tour with their smartphone, visitors can access the multimedia information associated with the work.

Instant access

The mobile visit app (PWA) is instantly accessible as soon as the visitor's smartphone is connected to the GEED.AI local or cloud platform.

Autonomous management

The automatic machine learning phase is performed directly from the GEED.AI back office.

The mediation teams batch upload pictures of the works and combine descriptive information. The back office automatically manages image post-processing and "artificial intelligence" image recognition algorithms

GEED.AI box in the museum

The image recognition features are integrated in the GEED.AI boxes, operating locally in the Museum, as edge computing units.

Multimedia assets are managed locally, with no cloud services needed. Internet connection is not required for visitors' smartphones.

GEED.AI: A new dimension of mediation and contextual information for visitors to your museum